DeKalb County Judicial Operations

Due to ongoing public health and safety concerns regarding COVID-19, DeKalb County courthouse and judicial operations have resumed in an altered capacity. Per judicial and executive order, guests entering DeKalb County facilities will be subjected to health screenings and required to wear masks.

To view the Judicial Order from Chief Judge Asha Jackson, please click here.

To view CEO Michael Thurmond’s Executive Order, please click here.

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The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia issued an order on March 14, 2020, declaring a statewide judicial emergency.  The declaration order automatically “suspends, tolls, extends, and otherwise grants relief from any deadlines or other time schedules or filing requirements imposed by otherwise applicable statutes, rules, regulations, or court orders, whether in civil or criminal cases or administrative matters…”


When the judicial emergency terminates, attorneys will have the same amount of time to file their documents that they had remaining at the time the order went into effect on March 14. In the meantime, attorneys do not need to file requests for extension of time. While the order is in place, failure to file certain documents that have specific deadlines, such as briefs, cannot be grounds for dismissing a case. However, the Court encourages parties to continue to file briefs and other documents when practicable, as the Court is continuing to work on cases.


For a current status of the statewide judicial emergency, please visit  Updates regarding the DeKalb County Courthouse are available at



COVID-19 Informational Packet

Dear citizens of DeKalb County, Georgia and individuals required to appear before the State Court of DeKalb County­ – Traffic Division:


The State of Georgia, DeKalb County Government and the courts are  closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak via the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The virus and protocols around it are changing quickly, and it is our desire to mitigate any impact on our citizens, court staff and judges. The State Court – Traffic Division is a high-volume court with multinational individuals being required to appear in our court daily.


On March 14, 2020, the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of Georgia declared a “Judicial Emergency” in the State of Georgia and therefore ordered the suspension of “non essential” court functions until July 10, 2020. (A copy of the Order is attached below.) Accordingly, the court will reschedule all pending courts cases during this period, without penalty to you.


Extension Order



3630 Camp Circle
Decatur, Georgia 30032

If you are scheduled to appear in Traffic Court beginning March 16, through August 11, 2020, please be advised that all hearings during this time have been suspended until further notice. Please be advised that your court date will be rescheduled.  PLEASE DO NOT APPEAR AT COURT DURING THIS PERIOD. A notice of a new court date will be mailed to you.



The court will maintain sufficient staff to process certain case closure requests during the hours of 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday. The Solicitor –General of DeKalb County has agreed to review certain cases which may be resolved without a court appearance by you. If you have not otherwise been contacted by the court regarding an opportunity to resolve your case remotely, you may contact the court with any inquiry or request at:   Your request will be reviewed by a judge and may be approved electronically..  If approved, you may make a payment by telephone or via the internet to bring closure to your case.


We will continue to monitor this serious health concern and will do everything we can to keep the public and our court staff healthy.


Pay Your fine Online

Submit your Plea electronically 

Contact Traffic Division Call Center: 404-294-2099



556 N. McDonough Street
Decatur, Georgia 30030


Jury Trials have been suspended for the next 30 days. If you have a court date scheduled within that time period, contact the Court at number below depending on your court assignment at least 3 days prior to your court date for direction. Because processes are constant developing, keep checking this website for updates.


While the Courthouse remains open for essential business, the State and Magistrate Court Clerk’s Office is closed to the public and recommends submitting filings electronically at Dispossessory bulk filings are still required to be submitted using

Those who insist on filing in person should utilize the drop box outside of room 270. We will continue to provide assistance by phone at 404-371-2261.


Division 1- Judge Wong—Cheryl Doss, 404-371-2591

Division 2- Judge Anderson—Ersula Butler, 404-371-2350

Division 3- Judge Purdom—Main #, 404-687-7180

Division 4- Judge Panos—Main #, 404-371-2354

Division 5- Judge Jacobs—Tamika Thompson, 404-371-2300

Division 6- Judge Lopez—Nicole Munoz, 404-687-7130

Division 7- Judge Gordon– Taya Baker, 404-687-3999



Filing Fees Update

Effective January 1, 2020, filing fees will increase as reflected at Jury Division Filing Fees. House Bill 288 was passed by the Georgia General Assembly during the 2019 legislative session instituting the new fee structure.

Magistrate Evening Court Closure

All cases scheduled for 6:00 pm in Magistrate Court on Wednesday, August 7 at the DeKalb County Courthouse will be rescheduled for another day. You will receive notice once your case has been rescheduled. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Information about Amnesty & Failure to Appear Calendar

Sign up for text/email notifications at For information about Amnesty or Failure to Appear Calendar, click here

Current Outage affecting Civil Case Filings via eFileGA

DeKalb County State and Magistrate Courts are currently experiencing an outage that is affecting civil case filings via eFileGA. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to resolve the issue. Thank you for your understanding.

eFile CLE Training

Click here

DeKalb County Clerk of State & Magistrate Court R. Javoyne Hicks in conjunction with Tyler Technologies will have a

eFile CLE Training

Date: December 6, 2018

Time: 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Location:  Judicial Tower Room 2B  |  556 N. McDonough St., Decatur GA 30030

eFile will be mandatory for all Civil Filings and available for all Criminal Filings beginning January 1, 2019

Locate DeKalb County Recorder’s Court Records

Upon the abolition of the Recorder’s Court of DeKalb County, effective July 1, 2015, all traffic case records were transferred to the Clerk of the State Court of DeKalb County, and all other records, including related to code enforcement cases were transferred to the Clerk of Magistrate Court. If you are seeking records related to any of these cases, then please contact the Clerk’s office at 404-294-2099.

If you need to contact the Clerk’s office to pay off a fi fa that was entered on the records of the Clerk of Superior Court arising from a code enforcement case, then please contact the Clerk’s office at 404-294-2099.

Standing Order

As of 01/04/2017

The Court has issued an order for the appointment of permanent process servers for 2017. Please click on the link for the order.  Standing Order