Marshal’s Filing Fees

NOTICE:  Effective July 1, 2012, pursuant to local legislation passed in the Georgia General Assembly, HB 1025, the following Marshal’s service fees have increased as follows:


For Serving Copy Of Process Or Other Pleading, Including A Dispossessory Warrant : 35.00
For Serving Action From Another County, Including Second Original : 35.00
For Serving Subpoena : 35.00
For Each Levy Or Writ Of Fieri Facias : 25.00
For Settling Fi Fa Before Sale Of Property : 13.00
For Search And Return Of Nulla Bona : 20.00
For Serving Summons Of Garnishment Or Plaintiff’s Traverse Of Garnishee : 35.00
For Each Arrest In Civil Cases : 35.00
For Executing A Writ Of Possession To Dispossess A Tenant Or Intruder : 88.00
Cost For Serving Any Paper Or Proceeding Not Provided For Shall Be : 35.00
Commission On Sales Of Property :
On Sums Of $50.00 Or Less : 8 %
On Sums Of Between $50.01 And $550.00 : 6 %
For All Sums Of $550.01 Or More : 3 %
No commissions shall be charged unless property is actually sold.  For removing or storing and removing and storing property and keeping and feeding animals, the coust shall be the actual expense incurred.
For Making Out And Executing Titles To Land :
If Presented By Purchaser :
For Executing Bill Of Sale To Personal Property, When Demanded By Purchaser : 13.00
For Dispossessing Tenant Or Intruder : 75.00
Cost For Serving Any Or Proceeding Not Provided For Shall Be : 35.00
All Costs Provided For Shall Be Paid At The Clerk’s Office At The Time Of Filing