Fi Fa and Levy Productions

If you obtain a Fi Fa from your judgment in the State or Magistrate Courts, you may have the Marshal’s Office assist you in collection in the following manner:

  • make a demand for payment on the defendant or
  • have the Marshal’s Office perform a Levy on the Defendant

For either types of service, you must return to the Clerk’s Office where you obtained the judgment (State or Magistrate Court) to pay a levy fee and indicate the action you wish to be taken.

If you request a levy be performed, you must:

  • Ensure property to be levied on is located in DeKalb County.
  • Point out items of the Defendant to be confiscated. Items must be free from any liens. If you wish to levy on a motor vehicle, you must provide a DMV check obtained through the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Furnish a wrecker of your choice if levy is a vehicle or have the Deputy Marshal contact one of the County contract wreckers (at your expense) at the time of levy.
  • Provide labor to remove items and transport the items to a storage location in DeKalb County.
  • Come to the Marshal’s Office the same business day and sign a Storage Agreement, Indemnity Bond and pay Advertising costs. (sale must be advertised in the legal organ of DeKalb County for four consecutive weeks prior to the sale) O.C.G.A. 9-13-140.
  • Transport items to the Courthouse on the day of the sale.

General Information

  • You may bid on the items that you levied.
  • The State/Magistrate Court Clerk’s Office will mail you proceeds from the sale, if applicable.
  • Sales are held on the first Tuesday of the Month (O.C.G.A. 9-13-161). Call the Marshal’s Office if you need further assistance at 404-371-2930.