Civil Filings and Services

  • All documents to be served MUST be filed in the State/Magistrate Court Clerk’s Office. This also includes Second Originals. All fees are paid directly to the State/Magistrate Court Clerk’s Office.
  • Make sure that the address is accurate and legible, and that the address is located in DeKalb County.


    Who can be served?  (OCGA 9-11-4)

  • A Summons at the Defendant’s residence or usual place of abode can be served to any person of suitable age and discretion (usually at least 13 years old) that resides in the same dwelling.
  • A defendant must be served personally at his place of employment. It cannot be left with anyone else.
  • A lawsuit on a corporation can be served on the Registered Agent, any corporate officer or managing agent. You can contact the Secretary of State’s Office at 404-656-2881 (Corporation Division) or visit their website for information on registered agents and corporate officers.
  • A lawsuit on a person in a sole proprietorship (such as John Smith D/B/A Smith Enterprises) can ONLY be served personally.
  • Garnishments to a business are usually served on someone in the Personnel or Human Resources section.
  • Some court documents, such as a “Show Cause Order” must be served personally.
Once your filing has been served you will receive a copy of the Marshal’s Entry of Service by mail to notify you of service.  You can also check the status of your filings on-line at: