State Court Civil Division

Q.Where is the State Court Clerk’s Office located and what is the telephone number?

A.The Clerk’s Office is located in downtown Decatur adjacent to the Decatur Marta station at:

DeKalb County Courthouse
556 N. McDonough Street
2nd Floor, Administrative Tower
Decatur, Georgia 30030
Tel: (404) 371-2261

Q.When is the Clerk’s office open?

A.The office is open on Monday through Friday (except legal holidays) from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Q.Where do I go to file a lawsuit in State Court?

A.Lawsuits can be filed on Suite 230 of the Administrative Tower. You can send your suit by mail or courier to the address shown above with the appropriate fee or you can come in person.

Q.How much does it cost to file a lawsuit?

A.That information is listed on the cost bill on the website. For more specific information, please call (404) 371-2261.

Q.May I fax or email my answer or other pleadings to the Clerk’s office for filing?

A.No. The Clerk does not accept pleadings by fax or email.

Q.How can I find out if I have been named as a defendant in a suit filed with the court?

A.To find out if a lawsuit was filed against you, please refer to the Online Judicial System Website. There is a link to that website and you can search by party name or case number. If you do not have access to a computer, please call the Clerk’s office at (404) 371-2261.

Q.Who is responsible for serving my lawsuit?

A.If you pay for service, deputy marshals under the direction of R. S. Mann, the State Court Marshal will serve your lawsuit or other papers.

Q.How do I find out if my lawsuit is served?

A. To find out if a lawsuit was served, please refer to the Online Judicial System Website. At that Website you can search by party name or case number. If you do not have access to a computer, please call the Clerk’s office at (404) 371-2261. Once a suit has been served a copy of the marshal’s return of service is mailed to the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s attorney and an entry showing service is docketed.

Q. Will I be sent a notice of any court hearing that is required in my case?

A. Yes. You will be notified when to come to court. In addition to published notice in the legal section of the Champion newspaper, (the County’s legal organ), as a courtesy, notices of hearing are mailed by the judge’s calendar clerk to all parties in civil action. In order to ensure that correspondence sent by the court is received, it is the responsibility of each litigant to notify the court in writing of any change of address. Additionally, the court’s calendars are posted on this website.

Q. Who do I contact for a continuance?

A. Each judge has a civil calendar clerk. Generally, an attorney or litigant is expected to contact the other party or parties to let them know that they are requesting a continuance and to find out whether it is consented to or opposed by all interested parties. If sufficient time is available, the request should be made in writing with appropriate documentation. The calendar clerk gets directions from the judge and informs the interested parties whether the case will be continued. Failure to appear may lead to you losing your case and the imposition of other sanctions. The calendar clerk may be reached directly at the numbers provided on this website or by calling the Clerk’s office at (404)371-2261.

Q. How will I know the judge’s decision?

A. A judge’s decision is given in a written order. Once the order is recorded in the court’s records, copies are mailed to each litigant (party) in the case or the decision is hand-delivered in the courtroom to all parties in the action.

Q. If the court grants me a money judgment how I do collect it?

A. The court does not collect money awarded by a judgment. Judgments may be collected in various ways, including through garnishment proceedings or by levy. If you are unsure how to proceed in collecting money please contact an attorney licensed to practice in Georgia.

Q. If there is a Fi Fa recording a judgment which has now been paid, how can those facts be recorded in the court’s records?

A. The party or their counsel can sign on the writ of Fi Fa and request that the court show the Fi Fa as cancelled. That information is recorded on the General Execution Docket maintained by the Superior Court of DeKalb County.

Q. Can I appeal the court’s decision if I disagree with it?

A. Court decisions may be appealed. There are rules and procedures that must be followed in order to file an appeal. Contact an attorney for legal advice on how to proceed. It costs $25 to file a notice of appeal. There are additional costs associated with an appeal including, the costs for preparing the records and costs assessed by the appellate court.

Q. How can I get a copy of my file?

A. Original case files are kept at the Clerk’s office for three (3) years. All other cases are located off site and if requested, they can be ordered from the County’s records retention center. Please allow three (3) to ten (10) days for a file to be located and delivered to the Clerk’s office. Copies are available for a charge.

Q. Does the court have local rules that parties to litigation are required to comply with?

A. No. The Court does not have local rules. It follows the Uniform Superior Court Rules and the Uniform State Court Rules.