State Court Criminal Division

Q. When will my case be heard?

A. The DeKalb County Solicitor-General schedules cases to be heard on arraignment calendar. Please contact the Solicitor-General @ (404) 371-2201 to verify a court date.

Q. Who do I contact for a continuance?

A. Generally, a defendant or the attorney is expected to contact the assistant solicitor (or his or her staff) to inform them of the request for a continuance and the reason for it and to find out whether they will be opposed to the continuance before the matter is presented to the judge. Requests for continuance are generally presented in writing, if time permits, or by contacting the judge’s secretary. Unless, you are informed by the judge’s staff that a continuance has been allowed, you must appear. Failure to appear may lead to revocation of any bond and the issuance of a bench warrant for your arrest and incarceration pending trial.

Q. Does the court accept credit cards as a method of payment?

A. Yes. The court does accept VISA and Mastercard as a method of payment of fines. Fines may also be paid by cash or money order. NO PERSONAL OR BUSINESS CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED.

Q. How do I get my cash bond money?

A. A cash bond may be refunded only after a case is completed and all paperwork signed. Any cash bonds that were posted at the DeKalb County Jail will be refunded by the Sheriff’s office located on Floor B of the Judicial Tower at the DeKalb County Courthouse. Cash bond money maybe refunded only to the person who posted the bond and whose name appears on the bond receipt upon presentation of appropriate documents to verify identity.

Q. Where can I get a copy of a case disposition?

A. The Clerk’s office of the State Court retains original misdemeanor case files for the last three (3) years on site. Upon request, the Clerk will make a certified copy of the case disposition. Older files stored offsite must be ordered from the County’s records retention center. Once a request has been made it takes (3) three to (10) ten days for the file to be delivered to the Clerk’s office.

Q. How do I get my record expunged?

A.  The Clerk’s office is not allowed to give legal advice on how to have a record expunged. You may make inquiries of the prosecuting agency (the Solicitor- General’s office in State Court case) or the original arresting agency about expungement of arrest records. There are other legal remedies. Please seek the advice of an attorney. For additional information you may wish to visit this link to information provided by the Georgia Justice Project.    click here