Filing Fees

Pleadings cannot be accepted without the proper fee
*** All Suits Or Proceedings Of Any Character :
       (Includes first judgment, fi. fa. and recording of same)
$ 242.00
Service Fee :
       A service fee is charged for each defendant.  A service fee is charged for second
attempt if first attempt is non est.
*** Dispossessory/Distress Warrant : (Includes Service)
For each defendant more than one :
*** Abandoned Motor Vehicles Foreclosure : 10.00
*** For Backing Order :
Service Fee :
*** Post-Judgment Motion : (Pursuant to an order signed September 14, 2007)
       (If filed more than 30 days after entry of final judgment where fee has been paid on
motion to compel, no additional new case fee will be required for filing motion for
contempt concerning same post-judgment discovery)


Stipulation Of Case Back To Trial Calendar (must have Certificate of Service attached) : 10.00
For Filing And Docketing Each Third Party Complaint : 10.00
For Filing All Motions Subsequent To Any Complaint In Any Case : 1.00
For Filing And Docketing Scire Facias, Each Defendant : 10.00
For affidavit to obtain alias Fi Fa (includes cost of recording in Superior Court) : 28.00
For Affidavit Where No Cause Is Pending : 5.00
Exemplified/Certified Copy : 5.00
For Taking And Approving Supersedeas Bond : 5.00
For Answering Each Writ Of Certiorari : 3.00
Filing Notice Of Appeal (Civil Or Criminal) :
(To be paid at time of filing Notice of Appeal)
For Preparation Of Record & Transcript To The Supreme Court & Court Of Appeals :
(per page)
For Entering Judgement Or Remittitur From Supreme Court Or Court Of Appeals : 3.00
For Certification Or Exemplification Of Record, Including Certificates And Seals : 5.00
For Clerk’s Certificate : 1.00
For Court Seal : 1.00
For Issuing Subpoena, Signed And Sealed : 1.00
For Filing And Docketing Each Writ Of Possession : 10.00
For Filing And Docketing Each Additional Summons Of Garnishment : 10.00
For Filing And Docketing Each Traverse To Answer Of Garnishment : 10.00
Preparing Department Of Public Safety Letter : 3.00
For Providing Uncertified Computer Or Photocopies Of Documents, Per Page : 50 cents
For Uncertified Copies, If Transmitted Telephonically Or Electronically, First Page :
For Each Page After The First :
Marshal’s Fees

NOTICE:  Effective July 1, 2012, pursuant to local legislation passed in the Georgia General Assembly, HB 1025, the following Marshal’s service fees have increased as follows:


For Serving Copy Of Process Or Other Pleading, Including A Dispossessory Warrant : 35.00
For Serving Action From Another County, Including Second Original : 35.00
For Serving Subpoena : 35.00
For Each Levy Or Writ Of Fieri Facias : 25.00
For Settling Fi Fa Before Sale Of Property : 13.00
For Search And Return Of Nulla Bona : 20.00
For Serving Summons Of Garnishment Or Plaintiff’s Traverse Of Garnishee : 35.00
For Each Arrest In Civil Cases : 25.00
For Executing A Writ Of Possession To Dispossess A Tenant Or Intruder : 75.00
Cost For Serving Any Paper Or Proceeding Not Provided For Shall Be : 35.00
All Costs Provided For Shall Be Paid At The Clerk’s Office At The Time Of Filing