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The DeKalb County DUI Court Program is a post-conviction treatment program for individuals with two or more D.U.I.s in a 5 year period or three or more D.U.I.s in their lifetime.

The program involves enhanced supervision, counseling, and treatment for individuals to function in the community with continuing support.  The program goal is to achieve sobriety of all Program participants in order to improve the quality of their lives and eliminate future violations of the law.

The DUI Court Program uses evidence based curriculum including the MEE module, FLEX module, Corrective Actions Journal System, Matrix Model, My Personal Journal, Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), Seeking Safety and many others.  These evidence-based curricula and modules encourage responsible decision making and assists participants in making changes to their high-risk behavior as they progress through the stages of change.


The Program is a minimum of 15 months divided into four (4) Phases. Each participant will be evaluated and a treatment plan developed based on that individual’s risk and need level.

Program participants are offered the following incentives off of their DUI sentence upon graduation:

  • Reduced jail sentence.
  • Suspend one-half (½) of the fine amount assessed.
  • Receive a total of 240 hours of community service credit.
  • Suspend the $39.00 per month Probation Supervision fee while active in the D.U.I. Court Program.
  • Issue Certificate of Eligibility for Ignition Interlock Limited Driving Permit—if eligible.
  • Issue a Multiple DUI Offender Program Certificate when eligible for license reinstatement -if required.
  • Assistance with transportation costs when funds are available.
  • Education/Counseling to acquire the tools and resources to live a more productive and healthy life.

The above incentives may not apply to every individual and/or case.


Phases 1, 2 and 3 are 16 weeks each and Phase 4 is 12 weeks (for a minimum of 15 months). Phase movement and graduation will depend upon each participant’s active participation and progress. Program requirements and track placement will vary for each participant and will be based on the individual’s risks and needs.   

  • A minimum of 3 random urine drug screens per week.
  • Attend the required number of group sessions and community support meetings as directed by the individual treatment plan (AA, Smart Recovery or other form of community support meeting that can be documented or verified).
  • Attend D.U.I. Court status review hearings twice per month.
  • Have regular check-ins with the Probation Officer and Case Manager.



Track 1—High Risk/High Need

Track 2—Low Risk/High Need

Track 3—High Risk/Low Need



As a condition of attendance in the Program, participants are required to pay treatment fees in the amount of $50 per week. Individuals may incur additional costs for missing drug screens, testing positive, testing out of town or replacing a lost workbook.

In case of inclement weather, if it is announced that the courthouse is closed all in-person sessions will be rescheduled or moved to a virtual platform. Information will be recorded on the daily screen line at 404-238-7618 and posted on the announcement web page (link is sent to all participants at the start of the program).

During a State of Emergency announcements and updates will be recorded on the daily screen line and announcement web page. Participants are to check regularly for any updates and instructions.
Treatment and drug testing is an essential component in a DUI Court Program. During a state of emergency, the DUI Court Team will review and modify changes according to the current situation. Changes could be that all matters, except drug screens, are moved to a virtual platform. In some situations, participants could see an increase in contact with staff via phone calls, emails, texts or virtual meetings. It is the responsibility of the participant to check all sources regularly.


D.U.I. Court Pamphlet

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D.U.I Court Participant Handbook

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