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DeKalb County Announces Application Deadline for the Tenant-Landlord Assistance Program


Applications will be accepted through Monday, Nov. 21, 2022.


DECATUR, Ga.— DeKalb County announced today that tenants and landlords have until Monday, Nov. 21, 2022, at 5 p.m. to submit new applications for financial help through the DeKalb Tenant-Landlord Assistance Coalition (TLAC) based on federal deadlines.

The Tenant-Landlord Assistance Coalition program  reopened on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. to new applicants and anyone who previously applied but did not receive assistance. Anyone who previously applied but has not been contacted by a TLAC agent must reapply for assistance.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Submitting a TLAC application does not guarantee assistance will be provided.  Applications must be reviewed for proper qualification to receive assistance and financial assistance offered by the TLAC program will expire when DeKalb County’s Emergency Rental Assistance grant funds are exhausted.  Accordingly, filing an application does not change the applicant’s obligations in pending Court cases or any other matters. TLAC will process applications and provide the available assistance to qualified applicants as quickly as possible.


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What is the Tenant-Landlord Assistance Coalition (TLAC)?

On February 9, 2021, DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond announced receipt of a $21 million grant from the Federal Emergency Rental Assistance program. CEO Thurmond convened a Tenant-Landlord Assistance Coalition comprised of public and nonprofit partners. The coalition will provide financial relief to DeKalb renters threatened by eviction and landlords facing revenue losses—both due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

See Flyer:TLAC Info Flyer 8/3/22


Who is Eligible?

The program is designed to assist eligible families that have an annual family income of 80 percent of the median income for DeKalb County. Annual family income limits are:

  • Family of one: $46,350
  • Family of two: $52,950
  • Family of three: $59,550
  • Family of four: $66,150

What items are covered?

The TLAC rent relief program will provide financial assistance to eligible households for the payment of rent, rent arrearage, utilities, utility arrearage and other housing costs incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


What is not included?

The TLAC rent relief program funds cannot be used for the payment of cable or telephone bills.

TLAC is not for the payment of mortgage assistance. For information on mortgage assistance you can contact:


Check the website to verify if there is an existing Open case located on DeKalb County Portal.

Odyssey case search

If you locate an Open case in the system, you can check view the Events to see the status of your TLAC Application.
















If you do not locate an Open case in the system, begin the application process on eFileGA


For assistance please the following instructions below:

To Apply, you must complete a Tenant or Landlord Application and submit it and the relevant supporting documents to be considered for the program.

Information / Documents that must be included with your application. Your application cannot proceed without all required information/documentation.


Tenant Checklist( The tenant must still be a resident in the location to qualify)

What must you provide with your application?

  • Contact information that includes email and phone number
  • Wage Statement or signed declaration (Example:W-2 form, Tax Return, Income Declaration, Unemployment Documentation)
  • Copy of the Lease Agreement
  • Magistrate Court Notice (If applicable) (Example: Dispossessory Warrant/Eviction Warrant)
  • Past Due Utility Notice(s) (If applicable)
  • Any other documentation that indicates risk of homelessness

Landlord Checklist( The tenant must still be a resident in the location to receive benefits)

What must you provide with your application?

  • Contact information that includes email and phone number
  • Lease Agreement
  • Documentation of Payments ( Example: Payment Ledger, Itemized Statement, Proof of Money Owed from Tenant)
  • Magistrate Court Notice ( Example: Warrant/Eviction Warrant)
  • Tenant Utility Bills Issued (If applicable)
  • Documentation of Rental Assistance Subsidy

FAQs( Frequently Asked Questions) and Application Information Flowchart

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 List of Alternative Resources

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DeKalb County Government does not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities or exclude them from participating in or

receiving benefits of its services, programs, or activities, based on disability. Janet Essix, DeKalb County Government’s Employee

Relations Manager and ADA Coordinator, is designated to coordinate the County’s compliance with Part 35 of the Department of Justice

regulations regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act. Janet Essix may be contacted at 1300 Commerce Drive, 1st Floor, Decatur, GA

30030, to request information about access for persons with disabilities to County services, programs and activities, or to

discuss a grievance regarding an impediment to such access. Ten days’ notice is requested for special accommodations.


If your question(s) or concern(s) was/were not resolved and/or you still are uncertain of how to complete the application, you may consult the DeKalb County Landlord Tenant Coalition by: