Clerk’s Office

Due to COVID-19, all non-essential functions have been suspended until August 11, 2020 in accordance with the Statewide Judicial Emergency Order issued by the Supreme Court of Georgia.

While the Courthouse remains open for essential business, the State and Magistrate Court Clerk’s Office is closed to the public and recommends submitting filings electronically at Dispossessory bulk filings are still required to be submitted using

Those who insist on filing in person should utilize the drop box outside of room 270. We will continue to provide assistance by phone at 404-371-2261.



DeKalb County Judicial Operations

Due to ongoing public health and safety concerns regarding COVID-19, DeKalb County courthouse and judicial operations have resumed in an altered capacity. Per judicial and executive order, guests entering DeKalb County facilities will be subjected to health screenings and required to wear masks.

To view the Judicial Order from Chief Judge Asha Jackson, please click here.

To view CEO Michael Thurmond’s Executive Order, please click here.

For agency-specific information, please navigate the links below: